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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Will Modi Cleanse the Parliament of Criminal Elements?

Fighting Criminals in Politics

Modi's New Theme Song                                                                                     

Perhaps for a change, Modi has taken a break from his usual discourses on 'Rahul baiting', 'growth', 'development', 'vision', etc.Instead, opened a new theme- cleansing the Parliament of criminal elements.
ModiDuring the early part of his campaign, he forayed into history and economics and in the process cut a very sorry figure. 

This time around, he wants to be thorough with the topic, that he has elaborated the method he will adopt as a PM, to speed up the trials and put the guilty in jail.

Long Overdue

Anyone with good intentions and country's welfare in mind, certainly would welcome any such attempts, which are certainly long overdue. However, given the antecedents of the author of the statement and the Party he belongs to, one has to go a little deeper into the issue, before giving a thumbs up to him. 

Criminals in Politics
Illustrative Image. Courtesy:Ritu Swamy
…Addressing a rally at Hardoi while taking a line different from his development oriented speeches, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that he would flush out all MPs with criminal antecedents from Parliament and in the process he won't even spare those from either BJP or the NDA…

What Constitutes Criminality?

What Modi means by criminals, is perhaps of those involved in kind of acts of murder, cheating, and many other common crimes. This is a narrow definition for crime. Then, what about the incitements of communal riots and hate speeches like the ones Girirajans and Togadias have made? Are they not criminal acts? What about the moral policing the likes of Muthalikas of Karnataka have been doing? And corruption? Crimes committed against Women and Scheduled castes in the name of religion? ...

With the Sangh Pariwar ideology as the guide for action, could Modi and the NDA expected to take a fair and correct attitude towards Crime and Criminality?Doubtful.

Crony Capitalism and Crimes

Moreover, the nexus between crony capitalism and crimes should be broken, before any meaningful action is initiated.With the corporate vying with one another in its support for Modi, and the Sangh Pariwar being working overtime to make him the PM, could Modi rein-in the wrong doers who are in one way or the other, responsible for his ascent to PM post? Modi says he would.

Track Record of Modi not Encouraging

With his track record in Gujarat being what it is, we have to wait and watch the unfolding events, in case Modi were to become the PM.

Modi's right-hand man Amit Shah, who is in charge of electioneering in UP, is charged with three counts of murder, according to Hindustan Times. If Modi wins, he could be India's most powerful politician at the Centre.The resignation letter of DG Vanzaara, pointedly accuses Amit Shah for many encounter killings

Gujarat Has 57 MLAs with Criminal Past

Immediately after the Supreme Court ruled last year, that persons convicted would lose office The Hindu reported that 57 of the Gujarat MLA would lose their membership of the Assembly as a result of the ruling. This list included a minister. Modi did not do anything to make them lose the membership. He never bothered to answer the critics also.

Modi's Tweets on Hate Speeches

Reacting to the hate speeches of Togadia and Girirajan, Modi tweeted: “Petty statements by those claiming to be BJP’s well-wishers are deviating the campaign from the issues of development & good governance…I disapprove of any such irresponsible statement.” 

It's not the question of disapproval. It's of punishing the communal criminals for the good of the country. Could Modi act against these elements, especially when such forces are working hard to put him in the PM chair? 

Babri Masjid Demolition was a Criminal Act

The case against the Babri Masjid demolition is still pending and almost all the top guns of Sangh Pariwar are accused in the case for criminal conspiracy. A recent sting operation by Cobrapost has brought out the fact that the destruction was well planned and not a spontaneous act by mob, and all including Advani were aware of it.

BJP MPs and BJP Candidates

In the outgoing parliament, BJP tops the list of MPs with criminal record says a report.
Hindustan Times reports, that in Delhi, 'five out of seven BJP candidates who are in fray in the Lok Sabha elections from the national capital have criminal cases against them with four of them even facing serious charges like kidnapping, criminal intimidation and extortion, ….'

Is it part of the ‘Makeover’ efforts?

Thus Modi may attempt to enlarge his voter base to the vast majority of the non-committed Indians who long to see a responsive government at the Centre. 
Given the metrics of Indian politics, and the methodology adopted by Modi to sail to the PM post, howfar he would be sincere in this fight and even if he intends to, how far he could be effective are all foregone conclusions.

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