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It's Communal Ideology behind the Hate Speeches
Dr.Praveen Togadia

‘Growth’ , ‘Development’ and More…

Of late, Sangh Pariwar leaders and supporters would protest, whenever some one call them communal. Instead, they accuse others as ‘pseudo-secularists’, ‘vote bank politicians’ and many more.
Modi and Sangh Pariwar leaders have declared themselves against ‘divisive politics’ .The middle class supporters of the Sangh Pariwar, who were badly let down by the UPA II, are more concerned about ‘growth’, ‘development’ etc., and are ready to buy these slogans at the face value.

…And the Real Sangh Pariwar

However, in spite of their best efforts, the real face of Sangh Pariwar is visible, though they attempt hard to cloak their communal agenda with many 'ostensible' inclusive slogans. Years of indoctrination of the cadres through their hate campaigns, speeches, and writings have poisoned the mind of the Sangh Pariwar cadres and leaders. Though, some of the leadership occasionally  put up ‘politically correct’ statements, the second rung and below, often could not contain their emotions. Unfortunately, this happens frequently and is widespread.

Girirajan and Praveen Togadia

Even before one could come to terms with the Bihar BJP leader Girirajan’s statement, that those who don’t support Modi must leave for Pakistan after the elections, reports come in about another Sangh Pariwar leader Praveen Togadia, threatening Muslims who purchase properties in ‘Hindu localities’. He made the speech, in the presence of VHP and Bajrang Dal members in Gujarat's Bhavnagar town. The speech was complete with instruction to his supporters to ‘tackle’ such eventualities
According to Times of India:
…Togadia told the gathering that there were two ways to stop such deals. One is to pressurise the state government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act in Bhavnagar, which prevents inter-community sale of immovable property. The second is to take forcible possession of the house and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years. ….

The Babri Masjid Demolition

Praveen Togadia is one of the accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case, which still goes on. The recent Cobrapost sting operation, exposed the conspiracy angle of the demolition. It says, the demolition was carried oot with the knowledge of the bigwigs in the Sangh Pariwar and  the then Prime Minister was also privy to the plans. The Babri Masjid demolition was preceded by years of preparations punctuated by hate speeches and consequent skirmishes.
When the entire leadership stand accused, and the Sangh Pariwar is known for its hate speeches hate ideology, it is clear that what Girirajan and Togadia has done forms part of their political culture and discourse

In Sangh Pariwar, Such Hate Speeches are not Punished, Instead Rewarded

As is the practice of Sangh Pariwar, the RSS chief has come to the defence of Togadia saying that Togadia was ‘misquoted’. Instead of taking action against their personnel, for such hate campaigns or incitements, in Sangh Pariwar they may be rewarded, and they eventually move up the organisational ladder. There were reports, that the BJP felicitated the participants in the recent  Muzafarnagar riots in UP.

Divisive Politics is their Forte

With the blatantly divisive and communal agenda as their forte, the Sangh Pariwar at the same time, indulge in falsehood and lies about the political stand of the opposition  parties especially the Congress. The scams have given an opportunity for the BJP and their camp followers to mask their agenda. 

Modi and the Gujart Riots

Modi has been accused of not doing enough to prevent the  communal riots in Gujarat from happening and defend the lives and property of the minorities.

However, Modi has not been convicted of any communal charges. The SIT appointed by the Supreme Court has cleared him of the charges. This point is touted as a defence by Modi supporters and Modi himself against the communal tag.

It must be noted, that the issue is not about law alone or individual Modi. Its the hate ideology of Sangh Pariwar that is found in the speeches, writings of the Sangh Pariwar organisations that is responsible for the emergence of Modis. For many years now, communal riots take place, because of the hate perceptions based on the hate campaign. Godhra is by far the largest, where the complicity of Sangh Pariwar could not be washed off easily as BJP and Modi were in power then. 

‘Will Never Engage in Divisive Politics:Modi’

It must be music to the years of new converts to the Sangh Pariwar ideology to hear these words from Modi.
Modi said in an interview to CNBC-Awaaz
“…I will never engage in divisive politics even if it means I lose the elections. The country has been divided in the name of secularism. We are all fellow citizens and that is my firm belief. I have succeeded in Gujarat and I will succeed in India,…” ,
according to the New Indian Express 
Many would have thought, now that the poll predictions are in favour of BJP/Modi, and after all he is going to assume Prime Ministership shortly, and he nowadays talks more of ‘growth’ and ‘development’ , and therefore, there would have been a genuine change of heart  on his part… 

A closer look would show, that Modi was within the frame work of RSS ideology, when he says BJP would not differentiate between religions and will not be divisive.

Modi’s Statement Perfectly Fits into the ‘Indianisation of Indian Muslim’ Slogan

The essence of the Sangh Pariwar approach towards Muslims and minorities is that the non-Hindus must adopt Hindu culture, show reverence to Hindu Religion, and should be Indianised. This slogan of ‘Indianisation of Indian Muslims’ is the slogan of Sangh Pariwar from their formative years. They are not known to have abandoned this slogan. 

India consists of various cultures, religions, nationalities, sub-nationalities and so on. Further, people are divided into castes and sub-castes. To cater to the inclusive needs of all, many safeguards have been inbuilt into the Constitution. Political parties address the grievances of these sections of people, whenever it suits them. 

But the Sangh Pariwar is well known for its opposition to the safeguards that are legally provided to these minorities and marginalised sections. Whenever they criticise someone of  'vote bank politics' or 'pseudo-secularism', it must be understood that they are pushing subtly their agenda of Indianisation project. The scams induced anger amongst the middle class, provide them the perfect setting to promote their ideology, with such ostensibly innocuous statements.

Therefore, if Modi is willing to address all Indians as ‘fellow citizens’, it’s perfectly in tune with the age-old Sangh Pariwar ideology and not due to any change of heart.

‘Gadkari says Article 370 is on BJP’s agenda, not NDA’s’

If BJP and Sangh Pariwar could not implement their programs so far, it is because BJP did not get majority on its own. In other words, it’s political expediency that force them to shelve the three core principles of Ram Mandir, Uniform Civil Code, Abolition of Article 370. Implementation of these three programmes would enable them to realise their pet slogan of Indianisation of Minorities, to a large extent.

What is needed is a change in the Sangh Pariwar ideology and programmes along with the assurance in clear cut terms to the right to life and property of the minorities will be safe and will be safeguarded, and they will have the right to pursue their faith. 

With Sangh Pariwar ideology being what it is, this can't happen. Therefore, Modi’s attempts to project himself above this ‘division’, is in fact, an attempt to perpetuate the communal agenda only.

The Lurking Danger..

Modi/BJP's economic policies are no different from that of the Congress. Therefore, to expect them to provide any miracle in areas of 'Growth', 'Development', etc. are simply wishful thinking.
Their protests notwithstanding, it's the communal ideology of BJP that is behind the hate speeches of Praveen Togadia, Girirajan and others. BJP/NDA is a lurking danger for the country’s democratic and secular polity

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