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Friday, 21 March 2014

Advani Allowed to 'Choose' Gandhinagar

Advani-Modi Spat

There seems to be no end to the Advani-Modi spat. The latest one is about the constituency for Advani to contest. Whether Advani is really worried about Modi pulling the rug from under, if he contested from a Modi turf or whether he wanted to be in the limelight can be anybody's guess.

Reports say that Advani has now been given the 'option' to choose Gandhinagar 'willingly" And as is his wont, he has fallen in line once the RSS has stepped in and now, 'willingly' agreed to contest from Gandhinagar.

Advani 'Secures' RSS assurance

Advani may not be oblivious of the negative impact his shifting of constituency, which he represented from 1991, will have on the cadres. Still, he wanted to make an issue out of it, only to backtrack later, may be with the view to secure the 'assurances' from RSS. There are many such ticket distribution related 'blues' for BJP this time, because NDA is seen by the cadres as at a striking distance of power after a long 10 years in the wilderness.

Ticket distribution is a tricky affair for the Leadership of almost all political parties. Congress, of course has a different kind of problem this time around, in the sense that there are not many takers for many constituencies and many of the senior leaders appear reluctant to contest.

Advani Yet to Reconcile to his Loss of Pre-eminence in BJP

The issue of Advani's unwillingness to contest from Gandhinagar has stolen the limelight because it appears to be the extension of the resentment the BJP veteran has shown over the nomination of Modi, his resignation, and subsequent withdrawal of resignation etc. The relationship between Modi and Advani has never been normal thereafter, is now once again confirmed. 

Moreover, today, Modi has been seen by most of the BJP supporters as one who has propped up the fortunes of BJP now. What Advani has done to BJP in the late 80s and early 90s, Modi is perceived to be doing now.

Advani has fallen from RSS grace in 2005 itself

The present problem for Advani can be traced to the resignation and replacement of Advani as BJP president in 2005 after his famous or infamous remarks about Jinna and reconciliatory statements on the creation of Pakistan while on a trip to Pakistan. The RSS did not take these statements kindly and eased him out of the party President post. It also appeared to have worked quietly for a new PM candidate and Modi fit the bill perfectly for RSS.

Modi 'worked hard' to win BJP's PM nominee

Modi on his part, has been working hard to earn his place as the PM nominee. The huge scams of UPA II, which has been highlighted by Anna movement, has given the golden opportunity for Modi and the Sangh Pariwar to utilise the middleclass resentment to their advantage. In this, the social media has been used or misused and the 'propaganda' about the Gujarat Model has helped the Sangh Pariwar to push to the background the communal colour of the Modi's regime. The result is the easy acceptance of Modi as the PM candidate.

Advani on the other hand, led NDA to a defeat in 2004 and his fate was sealed with his comments about Jinna. Now, he has to reconcile himself to the new realities for the rest of his political years. The country of course, has nothing to gain or lose which ever way this frivolous fight may end.

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